Axbridge Pageant

The Axbridge Pageant is an extraordinary event staged every ten years in which the local inhabitants re-enact the history of the town. Photographing the event was a revealing experience, as the amateur ‘actors’ became like ghostly echoes of their fore-bears. The photograph of the young soldier could have been a portrait of his great grandfather heading off to war. It was as though the whole thing existed ‘out of time’.

The 2010 event was staged over three days and each performance was applauded by the audience with a standing ovation. The Axbridge Pageant organisers and participants produced an event which touched the hearts of the community and those lucky enough to get tickets. By creating an historical play with an engaging tenderness and empathy in an age of special effects and the spectacular, one was left with a feeling that something magical had been witnessed.

Below are a few of the historical figures who wandered through the town including Harry Mottram (the last image) who helped write the play….


One thought on “Axbridge Pageant

  1. Wonderful photographs. In particular, the woman center left in the ecru straw hat with black feather is absolutely stunning. It captures her great beauty and, seemingly, everything else about her can be read in her eyes.

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