Show Me The Monet

The Tibetan Cowboy
The Hanging Committee
It was very early on a Sunday morning that,
though I hadn’t flown, I arrived a bit jet lagged at the Judges day for the BBC2 TV production ‘Show Me The Monet’ .
I was one of four entrants that morning and though I think I looked fairly relaxed, there were butterflies in my stomach.  ‘Just keep cool I kept telling myself… Breathe.’
The other three entrants went first and I was left in a room on my own, when in came the next four artists (all of whom seemed very nervous and a little frenetic.) It was a strange experience all round. They presumed I was part of the production team and one of them started to try to undo a ratchet tie on her five foot painting which, with every pull got tighter and tighter…
I told her there was no need to rush as I was one of the artists and had not even been seen yet, but she insisted on pulling at the tie which was clearly going to break her painting.
I watched a bit aghast, not really wanting to intervene as I was just about to be called through…. but with the piece buckling I realised I had to. As I offered to help the full drama of the situation struck me that I would have to crank the tie at least one more time and that this could break it. In my imagination this was going to push her over the limit, she would scream at me and say that I had broken her painting on purpose!!! The butterflies had turned to a knot
Fortunately in the event, though the piece bent precariously the strap did loosen….
I mopped my brow, breathed a sigh of relief but was then immediately ushered into the dragons den to meet the judges.. my best laid plans to keep cool had gone out the window.
 ‘Show Me The Monet’